P5220 Kaplama Kalınlığı Ölçer

Marka : Peaktech
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Coating Thickness Meter

Coating thickness meters are used for non-destructive measurement of coatings such as varnish, paint or plastic of metallic surfaces. The new PeakTech 5220 operates according to the eddy current principle and is suitable for ferrous metals (Fe), such as sheet steel and non-ferrous metals (Non-Fe), such as aluminum or copper.

This instrument works with high precision and has a German and English user interface with menu control on the well readable matrix LCD display with backlight.

In addition to the high variety of measurement functions, such as minimum and maximum values, mean, high and low alarm and much more, this model also has an internal data memory with four measurement groups. The stored measured values can be read via a USB cable with the included software and further processed as a text file or Exceltable.

For increased accuracy the PeakTech 5220 provides an easy-to-use calibration and zero set function. This instrument is particularly suited for the testing of varnish strengths in the automotive industry, for painting and paint shops, plating or other anodization in the industrial metal coating process.

  • Matrix LCD display with graphical menu navigation
  • New: Automatic Screen rotation
  • Suitable for Fe and non-Fe metals
  • Min, Max, Mean Funktion
  • Low- / High alarm (New: with red Backlight)
  • Zeroing and calibration function
  • Internal Memory for 80 readings per meas-group
  • Auto Power Off
  • Accessories: Batteries, Carrying Case, User manual, Calibration set, USB cable and PC software for Windows XP to 10
Measurement Type Eddy Current (Fe / Non-Fe)
Measurement range 0 … 1300 μm (0… 51.2 mils) ; 1 μm (0.01 mils)
Accuracy +/- 3% v.M. / rdg. + 2 μm (0.078 mils)
Internal Memory 4 Groups – 80 Values
Operating Voltage 2 x 1.5 V AAA Battery
Dimensions (WxHxD) 54 x 118 x 28 mm
Weight 130 g