P5225 Ultrasonik Kalınlık Ölçer

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Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

This newly-developed material thickness meter is microprocessor controlled and operates with the ultrasonic principle.
Thus, the device can measure the material thicknesses of the most sound waves conductive materials on the basis of the speed of sound, such as e.g. Metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and more.
For highest accuracy, the device offers a very high resolution of 0.1 mm and an auto-calibration function with a built in housing 4 mm metal plate.
The instrument is equipped with two sensors for different material thicknesses which permit measurements of 1 mm to 300 mm at 5 MHz frequency sound.
For best protection, the wide range of accessories is stored in an aluminum carrying case. Thus, the device is ideal for everyday use in the evaluation of material thicknesses in shipbuilding, the metal and pipeline construction or production of goods.

  • Multiline LCD display with backlight
  • Ultrasonic measuring technique for material thickness
  • Integrated Calibration Function
  • Suitable for material thicknesses up to 300 mm
  • Highest measuring accuracy and resolution
  • Twelve material presets
  • Contact Display for Sensor Pad
  • Data storage for twelve readings
  • Auto Power Off function
  • Accessories: 6 mm Sensor Probe, 10 mm Sensor Probe, Contact Paste, Calibration Plate, Aluminum Carrying Case, Batteries and Manual

Measurement Range 1.00 mm . 300.0 mm
Basic Accuracy +/- (1% H + 0.1mm)
Resolution 0.01 mm (1.00 . 99.99 mm ) ; 0.1 mm (100.0 . 300.0 mm)
Sound Velocity 1000 . 9999 m/s
Measurement Frequency 5 MHz
Operation voltage 3 x 1,5 V AAA Batteries
Dimensions (WxHxD) 80 x 145 x 30 mm
Weight approx. 230 g