P8200 Ölçme Aksesuar Seti

Marka : Peaktech
Fiyat : 45,36€  + KDV
KDV Dahil : 53,52€
TL Fiyat : 367,80TL(KDV Dahil)
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Measuring Accessories Set

This extensive collection of test accessories for the electronics area provides the best suitable measuring adapter for the desired application for each digital multimeter.
In addition, these high quality clips and cables are all manufactured to the latest safety standards and provides a high safety in every application for the user.

For the material, a flexible and non-slip plastic was chosen, which can also withstand the hardest kinds of usage. 

PeakTech 70102 x Tapping clamps (red/black) 5 A with round-hook
PeakTech 70152 x Safety Alligator Clips 10 A (red/black)
PeakTech 70204 x 4 mm Safety Connection Leads (red/black)
PeakTech 70252 x 4 mm Safety Connection Leads with Connector (red/black)
TKS-8Test Leads with 2mm Probe Tip and sleeves
PeakTech TF-50Temperature Bead Probe -40 . +204°C
PeakTech TF-55Universal- Temperature Probe -50...+300°C
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