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DMM Tool - Basic

Our PeakTech digital multimeters offer a wide range of functions for all important measurement values in the field of electronics. To use these functions professionally and to ensure a reliable use in data recording, we have designed our new PeakTech DMM tool as a practical application-software according to the wishes of our customers.

The user-friendly DMM Tool provides a wide range of functions for long-term, time-controlled, range depending- or manually triggered measurement recordings for our multimeters with USB, RS-232 or Bluetooth interface.

You can download this software as an executable file with Installer or as a full CD image with extensive guidance and driver database.

Note: The current software is a beta-version, which will be extended in the future on a regular basis with new features and PeakTech multimeters.

  • One PC software for all PeakTech Multimeters
  • Based on Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Use several DMM tool instances on one PC, running  at the same time
  • Manual recording trigger by keystroke
  • Automatic trigger with freely adjustable time interval
  • Pause button to stop the record
  • Time limitable measurement with adjustable start and end time
  • Available as portable version without installation 
  • Data stored in measured value table
  • Table of measured values can be saved in Text, CSV or XML format
  • Graphic representation of the time course curves
  • Save time curves in PNG, JPG or Bitmap
  • User selectable High- or Low alarm
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average value
  • Modern software design for all current Windows systems up to Windows 8.1
  • Prepared for Windows 10
  • Reading USB, LAN, RS-232 and Bluetooth connections
  • Constant expansion of features and built-in appliances
  • PeakTech 4075: Remote control via the DMM Tool
  • Network host and client for measured value representation on several network PCs
Design Software for Digital Multimeter
Type CD-Image or Executable with Installer
ntegrated Multimeters PeakTech 2025 / 3315 / 3415 / 3430 / 4390 / 4075 / 4090
Languages DE / EN / NL / RU
Current Version Beta 18.06.2015 / Basic
Code Platform Microsoft .Net Framework (TM)
Betriebssystem / Operating System Windows 2000 ; XP ; Vista ; 7 ; 8 ; 8.1 (32 & 64Bit)


This includes the following models of PeakTech digital multimeters:

PeakTech 2025

PeakTech 3315

PeakTech 3415

PeakTech 3430

PeakTech 4075

PeakTech 4090

PeakTech 4390


The following models will be included in the next version:

PeakTech 3440

PeakTech 4000

The current "Basic"-Version is a freeware all our customers can use as download-link:



Due to our long-term sales- partnership we would like to ask you, if you are interested in translating the DMM Tool to your native language for us, which would improve this software especially for your own customers in your home country. Of course you can link the software on your homepage for download, when the translation is done.