P5200 Ahşap Nem Ölçer
P5200 Ahşap Nem Ölçer

P5200 Ahşap Nem Ölçer

Marka : Peaktech
İndirim Oranı : %8 İndirim
Fiyat : 24,01€  + KDV
İndirimli : 22,09€  + KDV
KDV Dahil : 269,47TL
TL Fiyat : 269,47TL(KDV Dahil)
Toplam Stok Adedi : 2

Wood and Material Moisture Meter

Valuable wood and material moisture meter, which is characterized through its ease of use and the universal range of applications.
The unit features an LCD display that displays the measured values of moisture and ambient temperature. In addition, it is equipped with an LED display, which allows rapid pass-fail evaluation of the measured values.

Freshly cut wood has a moisture content of about 50% and after a year it is still at about 30-35%. When burning in fire stove of wood with a high moisture content, the efficiency of the fire stove decreases and simultaneously increases the emission of pollutants, such as soot and fine dust. In addition, it comes to the recognition of shining soot in the chimney, which can cause a chimney fire.

Therefore, this device is ideal to use for wood storage, control during the heating season or building and construction applications.

  • Moisture measurement of wood, cardboard, and building materials such as roughcast, plaster and brickwork
  • LCD with backlight illumination
  • Replaceable test-probes
  • Rugged and sturdy casing
  • Easy operation
  • Data-Hold function & Auto Power Off
  • LED indicator (green, yellow, red) for good-bad reading
  • Accessories: 9 V battery, 2x test probes for replacement and Operation Manual
Wood, Cardboard 6 ~ 60 %
Accuracy +/- 2,0%
Mortar, Plaster 0,2 ~ 2,9%
Accuracy +/- 0,1%
Temperature 0 ~ 40°C / 32 ~ 99°F
Operating voltage 9 V-battery
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51 x 122 x 45 mm
Weight 115 g