TK-250/100 Osiloskop Probu~250 MHz, 100:1

Marka : Peaktech
Fiyat : 57,73€  + KDV
KDV Dahil : 68,12€
TL Fiyat : 438,14TL(KDV Dahil)
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Oscilloscope Probe, 250 MHz, 100:1

A wide spectrum of professional testprobes in excellent quality and modern design. A complete set of accessories is enclosed. Suitable for any oscillosope in the trade.

BandwidthDC 250 MHz 100:1
Input capacitance5,5 pF
Input resistance100 MΩ
Risetime1,4 ns
Max. measuring voltage2000 V DC or ACpp (1500 V rms)
Cable length1,20 m
Reference positionProbe tip disconnected; oscilloscope input grounded
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